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Best Beer Selection

1st Place: The Firehouse
2nd Place: The Livery
3rd Place: Milwaukee Burger Company

The average Wisconsinite has their taste for beer rounded out to an artful degree. But, there’s always room to change and discover something new. Smashing the voting competition is the local craft lover’s oasis, The Firehouse (202 Gibson St., Eau Claire). Boasting an impressive cast of 40 taps that rotate weekly, the curious beer drinker can always count on finding something new. The Livery (316 Wisconsin St., Eau Claire) is a southern-ish style comfort food staple for any given summer night. There’s nothing quite like enjoying your favorite beer with a slight breeze coming through the wide open garage door. Fantastic cheese curds and burgers call for the right sudsy complement, and it’s no secret that Wisconsin’s own Milwaukee Burger Co. (2620 E. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire) has a plenty-diverse selection to fill that order. –Zack Katz

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