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Best New Restaurant

1st Place: Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse
2nd Place: Bug Eyed Betty’s
3rd Place: Eau Claire Ale House

The Chippewa Valley has no shortage of eateries, but when it comes down to date night the intimate options have historically been fewer and farther between. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse (4751 Owen Ayres Court, Eau Claire) is on the top of our list for new options, delivering a swanky, jazzy, and exciting dining experience. Many restaurants and bars have their signature day of the week where their specials shine through the competition. The recently established Bug Eyed Betty’s (1920 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire), however, has taken an ambitious step above the rest by offering a different, fantastic food and drink special for every day of the week. Third on the list is an exciting fresh option for the local beer enthusiast. Eau Claire Ale House (120 N. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire) delivers on its title, all while providing over-the-top pub food options to satisfy anyone looking for some Sconnie-esque comfort food. –Zack Katz

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