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Favorite Local Visual Artist

1st Place: Emily A. Hartman
2nd Place: Laurie Bieze
3rd Place: Mark A. Lone

Your No. 1 visual artist, Emily Hartman, is a painter who has gotten some exposure showing at both the Acoustic Café and Heyde Center this past year. She works with an assertive hand, making challenging portraits charged with ideas of privacy and vulnerability. Next treasured is Laurie Bieze, a well-known and well-loved longtime local glass artist who in all the years of the Best Of polls has rarely left the top three. Bieze passed away earlier this year, leaving behind her a thick richness of beauty both preserved in her artwork and also living on in the people who she inspired. And then finally, Chippewa Valley’s third darling of the year, Mark A. Lone, is the freelance graphic artist behind “Rise of the Mutant Underground” and the briefly famous Bill Murray tribute piece that got some national buzz. –Hope Greene

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