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Best Hip Hop Artist

1st Place: Sayth
2nd Place: Mr. Pizzy
3rd Place: Fathom

Perhaps the most criminally undersung genre of our area, in the midst of country and folk tunes, is hip hop. Take the local rapper headcount into consideration and you’ll understand what a prestigious title this one is. In third is Eau Claire’s Fathom, a down-to-earth dude with enough passion in his rhymes to hold the whole city up high. There’s no secret as to how Mr. Pizzy found his way to second place on this Best Of list: He’s been in the rapping business for more than a decade, and his charismatic fundamentalism isn’t easily forgotten. With his self-described “hippie-hop,” this bearded wordsmith will drop you on your head. The greatest MC title belongs to a name you’ve probably seen on stickers in various locations around town: Sayth. You can catch this young man garbed in a print shirt rocking a tie headband, and feel the rhythm of his often socially-driven, equal parts mellow and hard-hitting bars. Grab a copy of his Bad Habitat EP; it’s sure to take you and your conceptions of hip-hop by storm. –Zack Katz

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