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Best Cover Band

1st Place: Big Back Yard
2nd Place: Phoenix
3rd Place: Brass Monkey

After releasing their self-titled debut in early summer, country-rockers Big Back Yard proved successful in fleshing out their own sound, but that doesn’t mean their fans have forgotten about the party they continue to throw as the most widely-recognized cover band in the Chippewa Valley. Runners-up Phoenix aren’t shy about their familiarity with both their instruments and the rock essentials they masterfully reproduce. The veteran foursome features artists with backgrounds in numerous other outfits, and a young buck drummer who happens to still be in high school. No biggie, though. With loads of personality and general eccentricity, local dance-rock and hip-hop quintet Brass Monkey also does well keeping its sizeable fan base on its toes and involved in live performances. –Zack Katz

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