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Best Public Art Installation (non-gallery)

1st Place: Sculpture Tour Eau Claire
2nd Place: Art on the Bus
3rd Place: Snow sculptures at Winter After Hours

We’ve been holding a torch for the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire since the first year we laid eyes on it back in 2011. Consistently voted favorite art-in-our-faces around town, the tour is now in its fourth year of peppering an expanding area of our city with beautiful, challenging, and lively works of art. By the time this prints, the votes for People’s Choice will have closed and one of the 32 sculptures currently bedecking our fair city will be here to stay. Where else do we all like art twining its way into our lives? Art on the Bus fills the spaces on city buses where advertisements usually are with art by local artists of all ages, sharing creativity with people sharing the ride. And filling out the list, there’s the ephemeral brilliance of the snow sculptures at Winter After Hours in Boyd Park by the internationally award-winning Starvin’ Carvists. –Hope Greene

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