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Best Open Mic

1st Place: The Plus
2nd Place: Acoustic Café
3rd Place: The Mousetrap

There’s an open mic around the Valley for just about every day of the week where young, hopeful musicians, poets, comedians, and talents can step up the mic (it’s open) and show the world their stuff. Coming in first is the Artisan Evenings every Tuesday night at The Plus (aka Pizza Plus, 208 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire), hosted by musician Sean Jones. The night features plenty of original music (as well as the Tom Petty covers that come naturally), full bands, acoustic performers, hip-hop, DJs, touring artists, etc., before music gives way to comedy, the truest way attendees can see the flourishing Eau Claire standup comedy scene blossom before their eyes, under the glow of half-price apps and taps. The stellar, though periodic Acoustic Café (505 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire) open mic comes in at second place, providing a warm inviting atmosphere to coax you up on stage. Lastly, in third, the Sunday night open mic at The Mousetrap (311 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire) gives performers a chance to perform on one of Eau Claire’s finest rock stages. –Eric Christenson

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