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Best Rock Band That Isn’t Bon Iver

1st Place: The Dust of Men
2nd Place: Adelyn Rose
3rd Place: Softly, Dear

In a category that sees a fair bit of turnover from year to year, The Dust of Men have emerged as the new area favorite. With their self-styled “revival rock,” the group has taken Eau Claire by storm, led by primary singer and songwriter Grant Schultz. The band is fresh off a West Coast tour in support of its debut album, What the Morning Shows. Last year’s winner, Adelyn Rose, has stayed active, releasing a new full-length (Ordinary Fantasy) back in February with hints of more to come. The members of Softly, Dear have half-jokingly referred to themselves as the best band in Eau Claire with a comma in their name, and we can’t deny that: They beat out every other comma’ed band for third place. –Paul Brandt

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