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Wackiest On-Air Banter (TV anchor)

1st Place: Sarah Stokes/Chris Herzog (WEAU)
2nd Place: Courtney Everett (WEAU)
3rd Place: Bob Gallaher (WEAU)

When you sit at an anchor desk with others, you find yourself having to fill that space between the story and the commercial break. The transitions, the segues ... they can lead to the more-entertaining parts of a newscast. The talented ones make it memorable, and Sarah Stokes and Chris Herzog have made enough of an impression over the years (and not just because of their matching colors) that, in the their last year as news anchors, they won the first year of “Wackiest On-Air Banter.” However, keep your eye on Courtney Everett; if her Christmas tree-jumping turn in a recent WEAU holiday video is any indication, she could be a strong contender to bring the wacky to your video portal. In third place we find WEAU sports guy-turned-news anchor Bob Gallaher. –Luc Anthony

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