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Best Quick Lunch

1st Place: Cancun Mexican Grill
2nd Place: Erbert & Gerbert’s
3rd Place: Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill

Do you ever find yourself incredibly hungry around lunchtime, but have no time to eat? Well, I’m about to give you the 411 on who’s the best at getting you in and out quick. First up is Cancun Mexican Grill (four Chippewa Valley locations). They rock a mean enchilada and can whip it up for you in no time. Erbert & Gerbert’s (several Valley locations) is no newcomer to the list at second. Get their Giza sub if you’ve never tried it. Coming in third is Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill (two Valley locations). They have a great chicken burrito. Make sure to visit all of these places; they’re definitely worth your time. –Steve Fruehauf

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