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Radio Station We Most Need

1st Place: Oldies (’50s and ’60s)
2nd Place: Indie rock (a la The Current)
3rd Place: Modern rock

Most radio listeners are creatures of habit, tuning to the same station for the same kind of music (or talk) day in and day out. If our favorite station goes off the air or changes format, we’re left in sorrowful silence. (That goes double for those who never found anything on the air they liked to begin with.) For the second straight year, our poll voters kvetched about lacking the same three radio formats, and in the same order. Fortunately, we have good news for all you folks (cough cough baby boomers cough cough) who pine for tunes from the early days of rock ’n’ roll: In April, WEAQ-AM (1150 on the dial) switched from a sports talk to an oldies format, so turn that knob from FM to AM and get ready for some good vibrations. The news isn’t so good for those of you who want a Chippewa Valley Current clone, but, hey, you can always stream indie rock online, right? As for those seeking modern rock, 92.9’s relatively recent refashioning as The X might please your ears. –Tom Giffey

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