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Best Bar For Last Call

1st Place: Scooters
2nd Place: The Mousetrap
3rd Place Place: She-Nannigans & Lucky’s

If there’s any place to get one more drink before closing time, it’s Scooters (411 Galloway St., Eau Claire). This place has a different drink deal for every day of the week and is also the most happening (and only!) gay bar around. Make sure to grab a shot of Goldschlager on your way out! If you have time to shoot over to The Mousetrap (311 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire) for one more on the way home, do so. Hopefully, they’ll be playing some live music there, too – and it’s always free. If you’re closer to Water Street when 2am approaches, the twin bars She-Nannigans & Lucky’s (415 Water St., Eau Claire) are a prime option. Take a second off the dance floor to grab a drink to cap off the night. –Steve Fruehauf

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