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Best Bar Food

1st Place: Girolamo’s Court’n House
2nd Place: Mogie’s Pub
3rd Place: Dooley’s Pub (tie)
3rd Place: Albertville Tavern (tie)

In the spectrum of what Wisconsinites look for in restaurant genre, pub food might be the grandstand. Girolamo’s Court’n House (113 W. Grand Ave.) aren’t bashful about claiming their burgers are the best in Eau Claire. The ego and taste is nothing to be intimidated by, however, anyone who’s been to the joint knows the persisting family atmosphere is their welcoming trademark. In second place comes one of Eau Claire’s definitive go-to pubs: Mogies (436 Water St.). For whatever aspect of their lovable menu it might be, the Water Street classic probably always finds its way into your top three lunch or dinner options whether you’re with friends, family, coworkers, whoever. Tied for the bronze is Albertville Tavern (8114 35th St.) near the snowmobile trail in Colfax, WI. Considering the caliber of their barbecue and fish fries, that doesn’t seem too out of the way for anyone in the Valley. Their equal is Dooley’s Pub, who stick close to their Irish roots and are notorious for being a hockey game hot spot. –Zack Katz

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