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Best Local Album Released In The Last Year

1st Place: The Dust Of Men, What The Morning Shows
2nd Place: Volcano Choir, Repave
3rd Place: Big Back Yard, Big Back Yard

There have been some amazing albums released this year, but unfortunately even an entire edition of this magazine couldn’t do them all justice, so we let our voters decide on just three. Leading the pack is The Dust of Men’s debut album, What the Morning Shows. To quote a review in HM Magazine, “It’s nearly impossible not to be rattled with emotion from their music.” This year, the Christian indie rockers made history as the first band ever to win Best Local Album, Best New Band, and Best Original Rock Band (That Isn’t Bon Iver) in our poll. Second was Volcano Choir’s Repave (shocker, right?), which can be summed up as another fantastic album by our favorite local celebrity (aka Justin Vernon) and his collaborators from Collections of Colonies of Bees. And our third-place winner was the self-titled debut album by Big Back Yard, a high-octane country quartet. –Luke Hoppe

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