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Best Electronic Musician(s)

1st Place: sloslylove
2nd Place: Josh G
3rd Place: Stoner

Topping the list is Eau Claire beatsmith sloslylove: A household name in the house show scene. The established retro-synth ambience the veteran produces didn’t happen overnight, either. Bet your bottom dollar this man has been doing it longer than some of you kids. Then taking on a genre with the tempo equivalent of an adolescent hummingbird who ate too much sugar is a daunting task, but local jungle artist Josh G – seasoned with more than four years of material – smashes that apprehension with his amped-up remixes and an anomaly of smooth sailing, professional grade drum and bass sounds. Rounding out the list of producers is dance-heavy EDM beatmaker Stoner, whose fat synths and crashing snare hits sprang him to the No. 3 spot. –Zack Katz

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