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Most Overrated Thing In Or About the Valley

1st Place: Bon Iver
2nd Place: The Confluence Project
3rd Place: The Third Ward

It was probably inevitable that Justin Vernon’s band Bon Iver, the global musical phenomenon born here in the northwoods, would suffer from a townie backlash. Never mind the Grammys, the album sales, the critical praise, or the beauty of the music itself – haters gonna hate. (And we’d bet money that a lot of these haters still listen to For Emma, Forever Ago on their iPods during dark moments.) The other two items on this list also exemplify love-hate relationships. No. 2 is the proposed Confluence Project, which despite its “overrated” label is also the No. 2 structure poll voters would like to see built and the No. 2 thing they’d like to see happen soon. No. 3 on the “overrated” list is the Third Ward; its residents can take comfort in the fact it was also voted as the Valley’s second most popular neighborhood. –Tom Giffey

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