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Most Underrated Thing In Or About the Valley

1st Place: The Quality of life
2nd Place: The Rivers
3rd Place: The Parks

We half expected to see little-known locales or underpublicized talents rise to the top in this category. Instead, the top three “underrated” things are so universally regarded as positive that – paradoxically – they are sometimes hidden in plain sight in the Chippewa Valley. The first is “quality of life,” that intangible but highly sought-after hallmark of a good community. Some places – even if they’re big and wealthy and trendy – don’t have it, but the Valley does, and that’s why many of us have decided to make it our home. Nos. 2 and 3 on the list are two categories of physical features – rivers and parks – that contribute heavily to our quality of life. The rivers, which have brought people here for centuries, are increasingly recognized for the gems that they are. Likewise, our plentiful parks are critical, but undervalued, assets. –Tom Giffey