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Worst Use of Taxpayer Dollars

1st Place: Converting Downtown EC to
two-way traffic
2nd Place: Roundabouts
3rd Place: The Confluence Project

Politically speaking, there’s a big gulf between Red States and Blue States in our nation. In the Chippewa Valley, a similar narrow-yet-deep chasm can be found in our opinion of two-way traffic downtown. How else to explain how that switch, made in September 2012, was ranked by poll voters as both the Best Local Idea That Worked and the Worst Use of Taxpayer Dollars? If the biggest waste of tax dollars was a great idea, then I guess local government must be spending our money pretty effectively. At No. 2 we find another thing some drivers just can’t get used to: roundabouts. (Never mind that engineers will tell you they’re cheaper, safer, and more fuel-efficient than intersections with stop lights.) Last on the waste-of-money list is the Confluence Project. At the risk of sound argumentative, how can this be a waste of money if it hasn’t even been built? –Tom Giffey

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