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Local News Story that Passed Under the Radar

1st Place: John Menard faces sex allegations in lawsuit
2nd Place: UWEC gas-price study finds lack of competition
3rd Place: Spike in number of homicides

Some stories get a lot of ink (like the moon landing). Others are swept under the rug (like how Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing). However, we at Volume One are brave enough to publish under-the-radar stories. (Of course, they probably passed under the radar because a lot of people can’t pull themselves away from Crush Saga long enough to follow the news.) First on the list is the lawsuit against local hardware magnate John Menard by the wife of an ex-business partner, who claims the business relationship soured after the woman spurned Menard’s sexual advances (a claim Menard denies). Next on the list is the UW-Eau Claire student/faculty research project that determined – surprise! – that lack of competition causes the Valley’s perpetually high gas prices. Finally, there was a disturbing spike in murders in Eau Claire (there were four in 2012, compared with zero the prior three years), which we hope was a fluke, not a trend. –Tom Giffey

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