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Best Use Of Taxpayer Dollars Last Year

1st Place: Public schools/teachers
2nd Place: Bike paths
3rd Place: Police, fire, EMS

The phrase “If you can read this, thank a teacher” may be a cliché, but it also happens to be true. So educators, consider this award – which you won handily, by the way – a big “thank you” to all of us in the Chippewa Valley who can read, ’rite, and do ’rithmatic (even if we can’t spell). Teachers climbed their way to the top of this year’s poll after coming in No. 2 last year to the Phoenix Park bathrooms (which we still think are super useful, by the way). Edging up from third to second place this year are the region’s many bike paths, which are community assets both for transportation and recreation. Finally, coming in third are the public-safety trifecta of police, fire, and EMS workers. Those guys and gals are willing to risk their lives to save ours – and what’s a better expenditure than that? –Tom Giffey

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