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Biggest Thing We Should Make Happen Soon

1st Place: Add a Trader Joe’s
2nd Place: The Confluence Project
3rd Place: High-speed rail

Local supermarket proprietors probably sigh heavily each year when they look at the results in this category. Sure, we’ve got a Festival, two Megas, an ever-growing number of Gordy’s, and Just Local Food, not to mention the likes of Walmart, Target, and Aldi. But what we seem to desperately want is a Trader Joe’s. Our all-consuming desire – nay, obsession – with luring this trendy purveyor of private-label gourmet and natural groceries (not to mention “two buck Chuck” wines) has made this the Chippewa Valley’s No. 1 craving for four years running. Debuting at No. 2 this year is the Confluence Project, suggesting we like the potential for a new cultural hub almost as much as we love food. High-speed rail rounds out the list, just as it did last year, but considering the political reality in Wisconsin, those train dreams are likely in vain. –Tom Giffey

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