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Best Local Idea That Worked Last Year

1st Place: Two-way traffic downtown
2nd Place: New Davies Center
3rd Place: New skate park

They said it couldn’t be done. Well, actually they said it shouldn’t be done – “they” being local naysayers and “it” being the return of two-way traffic to Barstow Street and Graham Avenue downtown. But it went off without a hitch last year, and readers seem to agree it was a good idea – no, the best idea! – after all. (Take that, change-o-phobes!) Another thing that worked was the fantastic new Davies Center at UW-Eau Claire, which replaced its obsolete 50-year-old predecessor with an attractive and functional three-story student center (and improved the beauty of the campus and Little Niagara Creek to boot). Rounding out the list of ideas readers thought worked well was the creation of a new skate park – more accurately, a skate plaza – at Lakeshore Park, which has given Eau Claire skateboarders a rad new place to pop their ollies. –Tom Giffey