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Things The Chippewa Valley Is Bad At

1st Place: Attracting good-paying jobs
2nd Place: Snow removal
3rd Place: Developing the riverfront

Did you hear the one about the guy who thought he was overpaid? No, neither have we. Seriously, does anyone think they make too much money? That being said, there’s some validity to the oft-voiced complaint – No. 1 in this category this year and last – that we’re bad at attracting good-paying jobs to the Chippewa Valley. According to federal stats, our metro area ranks ninth out of 10 in the state in terms of median household income. Eau Claire city snow removal, which also got a shout-out (or should we say “shout-at”?) in the Most Disappointing Failure category comes in at No. 2 here. Finally, Valley voters say we’re bad at developing the riverfront – an opinion that might change if and when the Confluence Project gets off the ground. –Tom Giffey

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