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Things The Chippewa Valley Is Good At

1st Place: Farmers markets
2nd Place: Drinking
3rd Place: Complaining about not having a Trader Joe’s

Maybe its because we conduct this poll in late summer and publish it in early fall, the times of year when our often snow-shrouded land is bursting with produce. Or maybe it’s because we really do have awesome farmers markets in the Chippewa Valley. In either case, for the fifth straight year our readers have declared that we’re doing the farmers markets thing right in a big way. Meanwhile, for the fourth year in a row readers picked a somewhat more ambiguous talent – drinking – for the No. 2 slot. Presumably they mean drinking alcohol (we have a plethora of bars and breweries), although we also chug a lot of milk here in the heart of American’s Dairyland. The third-place item – “Complaining about not having a Trader Joe’s” – demonstrates that, along with grousing about our grocery options, we’ve got a sense of humor. –Tom Giffey