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Most Bizarre Local News Story

1st Place: Theft of Sculpture Tour sculpture
2nd Place: City of EC fat mapping
3rd Place: Lisa Lampanelli badmouths EC in podcast

The most bizarre news story of the past year was a big cultural bummer: Back in May, thieves made off with an $11,000 bronze sculpture that was part of the annual Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. As of this writing, “Mother and Child” by Cody Swanson, which had been on display in front of Stella Blues on East Madison Street, is still AWOL. Second on the list of weird happenings is the flap over a city proposal to map residents’ body mass indexes – i.e., “fat mapping” – which went over like a lard balloon. And speaking of fat (Hey, she started it!), comedian Lisa Lampanelli performed at the State Theatre in June and a few weeks later bashed our fair city on fellow comic Adam Carolla’s podcast. Apparently, we’re, like, totally lame. She still cashed her check from the gig, so it seems our money is, like, good. –Tom Giffey

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