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Local News Story Got/Getting Swept Under The Rug

1st Place: Why Eau Claire gas prices are higher than anywhere else

2nd Place: Stout hockey players getting let back on the team

3rd Place: College student river drowning conspiracy

Full disclosure: We added this category last year thinking it’s a great community-action way to tell us our shortcomings. Let us in on the rumors on the streets, so we can dive in. Well as it turns out, “Why Eau Claire’s gas prices are higher than anywhere else” is actually something we’ve been looking into. The city council got the ball rolling with an investigation at the state level, and if you put a little more pressure on them, it might lead somewhere so we can jump on it. As for why the Stout hockey players got let back on the team, that was kind of off our coverage radar, but a very interesting unasked (or unanswered) question for the outlets that cover crime and prep sports regularly. The river drowning conspiracy has been rumored between us and LaCrosse for ages — ever since the early 00s, anyway — and we’re just waiting for some hard evidence. Cuz it’s a pretty sensitive subject, after all. — TK

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