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Most Annoying Happening In The Past Year

1st Place: Scott Walker

2nd Place: All the construction

3rd Place: 22-inch snowfall

Scott Walker isn’t so much a “happening” as a person, but we know what you’re saying. With all the hubbub in spring with education (which in turn convinced other states to do the same), the proposed voting changes, and cuts, cuts, and more cuts, Walker’s approval rating is plummeting by the hour. Annoying? You bet. Just like all that darn construction, a top placer almost every year this time enhanced by the major thoroughfare of Hastings Way. Since May, you’ve been avoiding its narrow lanes and orange cones like the plague. And with downtown on the slate for next year, our bet is you’ll be just as annoyed in 2012. Coming in third, is that dreadful December day when Eau Claire saw 22 inches of snow in less than 24 hours. Cars stuck, shovels broke, and we decided to stay inside with the curtains shut living in denial tha,t at some point, we’re going to have to leave the house. If we can even get out the door … — AD

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