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Things The Chippewa Valley Is Bad At

1st Place: Snow removal

2nd Place: Developing the riverfront

3rd Place: Thinking outside the box

A new No. 1 for Chippewa Valley badness this year, likely because of a 22-inch one-day anomaly, is snow removal. Indeed, it was a crazy winter for flurries, and some neighborhoods (especially hilly ones) went days before someone came to plow. And that pesky neighbor who always directed his snow blowing remnants onto your driveway deserves some blame, too. Again in second place is “developing the riverfront.” That basically means we’re huge supporters of something … anything! … that helps us enjoy the natural beauty of our rivers. (Except a jail.) Here in the Valley, we value and encourage anything eccentric and weird. Bumped down from its place at the top last year, “thinking outside the box” holds up in third. C’mon Eau Claire, let’s do something in the city to put us on the map! — AD

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