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Things The Chippewa Valley Is Good At

1st Place: Farmers markets

2nd Place: Drinking

3rd Place: Natural beauty

When the Chippewa Valley is good at something, we’re really good at it. The results of this year’s category line up exactly with last year. So that means we’re still good at waking up in the morning and buying local at our awesome farmers markets, whether it be for fresh veggies, flowers, or even ice cream. Come night time, we’re good at patronizing one of the many great bars in the city, or taking in a game at home with famed local brews like Leinie’s, Walter’s, Lucette, or Lazy Monk. If you’re not thinking of the Valley’s residents so much as the Valley itself, you probably voted for its natural beauty. The Valley is, indeed, good at lookin’ pretty, what with the rivers, forests, trails, lakes … heck, there’s just too much to mention. — AD

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