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Best Karaoke Spot

1st Place: The Seahorse Inn

2nd Place: Court’N House

3rd Place: The 5 O’Clock Club

The Seahorse is the only place that has shown up in this category every single year, and the second time they’ve climbed to the top. The place is right out of a time capsule from the 70s, when nautical bars with 50 matching glittery teal chairs probably weren’t that uncommon. The song selection is equally outdated and The Clap Rule (where everyone must clap or karaoke will be over) is pure gold. No one can compete with that. This is the first year since 08 that Court’N House has returned to its former karaoke glory for their always-fun Thursday nights (coinciding with buy-one-get-one burgers). And the 5 O’Clock Club, with Nick Arnold and Drew Liss at the helm, makes the top of the heap for the second straight year for having great a karaoke selection a staggering six days a week! — TK

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