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Best Comfort Food

1st Place: Altoona Family Restaurant

2nd Place: Randy’s Family Restaurant

3rd Place: Culvers

Whether you’re a homesick college kid or a rainy day has got you in an Eeyore kinda funk, these restaurants are the best comfort food options in the area (for the second consecutive year). With homestyle specials like fruit-topped french toast and waffles, Altoona Family Restaurant is the ever-packed morning treat where your coffee cup will never go empty. Next up is Randy’s Family Restaurant, where you can drown your sorrows in delectable chicken dumpling soup and other homey favorites. Coming in third is Culvers, a great choice if you’re on a budget or on the run. Eat your emotions in the form of cold, creamy custard or fill up on their famous butterburgers with heaping loads of curds. — AD

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