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Best Pizza

1st Place: Sammy’s Pizza Palace

2nd Place: Pizza Del Re

3rd Place: Jim’s Pizza (tied)

3rd Place: Broadway Bar & Pizza (tied)

3rd Place: Draganetti’s Ristorante (tied)

Making its second-straight appearance at the top of local pies is Sammy’s. Thin crust lovers will appreciate the wide variety of pizzas offered, each one baked to perfection with countless ingredients to choose from. Pizza Del Re comes in second, also for its thin-crust specialty, and their popular all-you-can-eat buffet. Tied for third are three places that are so different, yet offer what we all want — a tasty slice. Jim’s is a doughy Water Street favorite for late-night slices and Smotherella Sticks. Draganetti’s is by far the fanciest, and their specialty thin crusts are to die for. Broadway is the new kid on the block, but they’ve earned their spot on our radar, serving up some delicious pizza combinations and a tasty lunch buffet. — AD

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