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Best Burgers

1st Place: Court‘N House

2nd Place: Milwaukee Burger Co.

3rd Place: Mogie’s

Think twice before you stop for another fast food burger — the Chippewa Vallians have spoken, and these are the best burger places around. Court’N House reigned supreme for the second year running, and it’s no surprise why. With their succulent slabs of delicious beef, and the ever-famous Thursday night two-for-one burgers, who can resist? Milwaukee Burger Company offers all your classic favorites as well as several artery-clogging specialties. Take on the Defibrillator or the Big Milwaukee, both behemoth burgers are piled high with all the fixins, and then some. Rounding out the list is Mogie’s with more taste-bud tempting burger masterpieces than you can shake a spatula at (we recommend the Garcia Burger … yum!). But here’s the real dilemma: do you want fries or onion rings with that? — BB

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