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Best Fish Fry

1st Place: Court’N House

2nd Place: Mike’s Smokehouse

3rd Place: Albertville Tavern (tied)

3rd Place: Northwoods Brew Pub (tied)

The fish fry is a Friday tradition in Wisconsin, so you can imagine the tight competition in this category. When the patrons aren’t zoning out to the several hundreds of vintage Eau Claire pictures on the TV screen, they’re voting for the West Grand Avenue business district’s Court’N House, who frizzled the competition for best Fish Fry. Adorned with Yosemite Sam and boasting some great barbecue options, Mike’s Smokehouse caught second place, up from third last year. And tying for third, last year’s second best place for fried filets, Colfax’s Albertville Tavern was matched with Northwoods Brew Pub & Grill, out over by Oakwood Mall. — TG

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