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Best Bar DJ

1st Place: Nick Arnold (tied)

1st Place: Miss Felicia (tied)

2nd Place: DJ Marcus

3rd Place: DJ Duke

When it comes to karaoke and trivia, look no further than Nick Arnold. Originally making a name at establishments such as Court’N House and O’Leary’s, Nick and his unrivaled selection of karaoke is now in high demand at the Wigwam (Fridays) and 5 O’Clock Club (Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays). He also does awesome, all-original trivia at the Wigwam (Thursdays). Voters have likewise spoken in favor of Miss Felicia Ashton, a famous drag queen and bartender at Scooters. When it comes to DJing pop favorites, it doesn’t get any better than her gig on Fridays. DJ Marcus, the second place finisher, is likewise a Scooters fixture (Saturdays), mixing it up with a nightclub vibe of pop remixes and dance/house music. Locked in at third is DJ Duke (aka Jeremy LeDuc), a bar DJ veteran around town who spins a wide variety of music through AV Live at spots like Village Tavern, Loopy’s, T&C Roundabout, and She-Nannigans. — TK

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