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Best Bar For Outdoor/League Sports (volleyball, softball, etc.)

1st Place: Loopy’s

2nd Place: Fox Run Tavern

3rd Place: Wigwam Tavern (tied)

3rd Place: Whiskey’s (tied)

3rd Place: Pioneer Tavern (tied)

When you’re doing league volleyball and you’re the kind of person who’s gonna take things seriously — I mean bump, set, spike, and win; in that order — Loopy’s is your kind of place. Not only do they have top-shelf outdoor facilities, but also a freaking dome. For volleyball. Year-round. The … Real … Deal. Not to be outdone, Fox Run isn’t something to exactly bat an eye at. I’ve been there for softball leagues when you can hear a pin drop (on the sand!) during their intense volleyball nights. They also do kickball, horseshoes, and bean bag leagues. Things settle down a bit at The Depot for The Wigwam’s volleyball league, as well as Pioneer Tavern, who both seem to opt for more of the drinking-and-fun factors than hardcore competitive play. Whiskey’s has bean bags as well as volleyball, in an impressively cool outdoor area with a tiki bar. — TK

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