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Best Specialty Drink

1st Place: The Grand Illusion’s Delusion

2nd Place: Cancun’s Margarita

3rd Place: Court’N House’s Bloody Mary

There’s something equally sweet and sinister about The G.I.’s blue-ish concoction of clear boozes, amaretto, and blue curacao. See it goes down pretty easy — almost too easy — but after several and the passage of time, your body wants to exact revenge. And then, a week later, you’re drawn right back in … It’s a similar story for Cancun’s infamous margaritas, which every Monday and Tuesday dip down to a mere dollar in price. ¡Aye carumba! Everyone seems to say they’re famous for their bloodies (and burgers), but Court’N House takes the cake in voters minds. As for me, I love a good bloody, and Court’N House mixes a damn good one. But have a non-Clamato option and I’d love it more. Just saying. — TK

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