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Best Café/Coffeehouse

1st Place: Racy’s

2nd Place: Acoustic Café (Eau Claire)

3rd Place: Living Room Coffee House

Racy’s won again. While many of their four champion write-ups focus on their ambiance and staff, their real strength gets lost in the mix —fantastic coffee. Racy’s leads the field both in the quality of their joe and their equipment to brew it. This really is a fantastic place, and to get the same quality you’d have to drive as far as south Saint Paul. Coming in second is the hoagie haven, Acoustic Café. Many of Eau Claire’s finest, from students to artists, have spent an evening collaborating in this all ages hideaway. Lastly, the Living Room comes in third with its comfortable décor, accessibility along Clairemont, and regular appearances by singer/songwriters. — SM

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