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Best Overall Bar Food

1st Place: Court’N House

2nd Place: Mogie’s Pub

3rd Place: Ray’s Place

The Chippewa Valley is doing a great job hopping on board the organic/local/healthy eating train. We’ve got numerous thriving farmers’ markets, restaurants serving all sorts of fresh local fare, and kids enjoying kale pops out on the streets. But happy living is all about balance, and after tearing into a fresh kohlrabi, sometimes you just need greasy meat. And fried stuff. And beer. Good thing we have this year’s bar food winners. The Court’N House and second place Mogie’s are masters of the burgers served with a tall cold one, while Ray’s hot beefs are legendary. And you don’t even need to feel guilty — we know you’ll shotgun some bok choy after any one of their satisfying bar meals. — ER

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