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Most Trustworthy News Blazers

1st Place: Judy Clark (WEAU)

2nd Place: Sarah Stokes (WEAU)

3rd Place: Meghan Kulig (WEAU)

When I hear “blazer,” I think dude in a suit. But when I hear “news blazer,” like you voters out there, I think of the local ladies sitting behind the desk and delivering the news while rockin’ a suit. And what I realized from my extensive research of these gals’ blazers is they say a lot about their news styles. Judy can wear a power suit like nobody’s business, often choosing her signature red. It tells me she’s gonna tell it like it is: straight, with a kicker of “No B.S.” Sarah, on the other hand, is often seen with a little more pop in her blazers, mostly choosing blues and pinks. It says, “Hey, I’m a lively gal who ain’t afraid to spice things up.” Meghan, meanwhile, is classy all the way, often going for the black, grey, or navy blazer. It screams to us viewers that she’s a down-to-earth gal who’s gonna deliver the news in a classic, professional manner. — TK

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