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Best Local TV News Anchor

1st Place: Judy Clark (WEAU)

2nd Place: Chris Herzog & Sarah Stokes (WEAU)

3rd Place: Meghan Kulig (WEAU)

I called Judy Clark a few years ago, hoping she’d be up for a photo shoot so I could put her on a mini fridge for a fake back-to-school item. With that ridiculous of a request, I had no idea how she’d answer. But she’s an awesome, class-act lady who was happy to oblige, and it’s because of stuff like this (and delivering the 10am and 5/6pm news well, I suppose) that she’s won this category three times. Herzog and Stokes are suitably together in second place, since they co-anchor the 10pm news … and are married. “We don’t have to worry about chemistry,” Stokes told us a few years back. “He’s got my back. He’ll whisper, ‘You’ve got lipstick on your teeth.’ Or I’ll know when he’s going to cough, so I hop in to cover.” Coming in third is rising star Meghan Kulig, who does sunrise and noon broadcasts. And I can tell you from graduating in journalism with her, she really is that genuinely sweet. – TK

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