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Best Local Newspaper Writer

1st Place: Mike Paulus

2nd Place: Julian Emerson

3rd Place: Tom Giffey

These three scribes were the top the winners in 2010, but this year took turns in final placement. Mr. Paulus moved from second to first, Mr. Emerson from third to second, and Mr. Giffey had so much fun on stage this past year with the BareBones Improv troupe that he finished first in my imaginary Best Improv Actor category, but dropped to third in his day job category as editorial page editor of the Leader-Telegram. Mike can be found making witty posts on the Volume One website, where he claims to be called the “online editor.” You can also read his Rear End column in every issue of V1. Julian Emerson writes about the trials and triumphs of life in his Leader-Telegram column when he’s not penning investigative stories. — RR

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