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Best Local Meteorologist

1st Place: Mark Holley (WEAU)

2nd Place: LeAnn Lombardo (WQOW)

3rd Place: Doug Michaels (WQOW)

The weather. It’s one of those subjects that no matter what it looks like outside, someone is really jacked up about it and someone is royally ticked. But when it’s coming from someone like Mark Holley (a new winner), the smiling face makes the cold weather coming up a little less daunting. The always-alliterative LeAnn Lombardo has had a steady appearance in this category, and she deserves it. Not everyone can make a rainy week sound as good as she does. Doug Michaels rounds out this category, grilling in third. “I loved living in the Mile High City, but my favorite season is fall and you just can’t beat the spectacular color here in Wisconsin during October,” says Doug. Be sure to get all your local weather information from a man who truly appreciates Wisconsin’s seasons. — AD

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