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Best Local Logo

1st Place: Leinenkugel’s

2nd Place: Infinitea Teahouse

3rd Place: Bob’s House for Dogs

I’ve always wondered if the American Indian woman on the classic Leinie’s logo has a name. She must. And I want to know it. Especially since she’s such a pivotal part of why the logo is so good (along with Jacob’s cursive signature). So, for now, I’ll just say congratulations to you, Jacob, and also you, Missy One-Feather. Though a much more recent logo, Infinitea Teahouse’s teacup with figure-eight-shaped steam is a likewise classic design. And one created by former Volume One Graphic Designer, OJ Hornung! As I see the logo for Bob’s House for Dogs, I’m reminded of the original Milwaukee Brewers logo (designed by a fan in a contest) in which the “M” and “B” make the shape of a glove and ball. Well the Eleva-based pet logo is a cursive “B” that resembles a Snoopy-esque dog profile. And above it: a little roof. — TK

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