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Best Public Park

1st Place: Phoenix Park

2nd Place: Irvine Park

3rd Place: Carson Park

OK, people. We get it. You love Phoenix Park. Five consecutive years of love. And, really, what’s not to love? The river is there for endless summer floating, the farmers market is conveniently located so you can grab your week’s supply of veggies with some ice cream to go, the trails and bridges supply ample ways to get around downtown without a car, and, heck, it’s just a great park. Second once again is Irvine Park. Ponies and bunnies to pet, tigers and bears to look at, ridiculously awesome trails, and a great spot for a picnic or grillout. (We’re also big fans of the water fountain on those hot days when all you wanna do is splash around.) Carson Park takes home third. Featuring a football and baseball haven, fishing along Half Moon, and a playground for the tykes, this place has something for everybody. — AD

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