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Your Most Sorely Missed Landmark That's Gone Forever

1st Place: Carson Park’s Rocket Slide

2nd Place: The Camaraderie

3rd Place: Kerm’s on Water Street

All of the winners of this year’s Sorely Missed Landmark category are entering a unique point in our collective memory. As all of these local features have been gone for a number of years, we are all starting to paint their realities with the brush of nostalgia. Like the Rocket Slide, in first place — wasn’t that thing, like, six stories tall, with actual working rocket boosters and slides that were so fast riders broke the sound barrier? And Camaraderie — those cheese curds were so good that patrons regularly went into seizures caused by the pure ecstasy of their fried deliciousness. Kerm’s on Water Street is the most recent departure of the three, but it will not be too long until our memories of its convenience and small town charm will feature a mustachioed grocer who knew us all by name and had our favorite foodstuffs already bagged and ready to go when we walked in the door. However accurate our memories are, there is one fact that accompanies all three of the winners — life was WAY BETTER when they were around. — ER

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