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Best Neighborhood

1st Place: Eastside Hill

2nd Place: Third Ward

3rd Place: Westside (Folsom, Truax, Vine)

The Eastside Hill is Eau Claire’s most quaint little neighborly neighborhood, which probably explains its status as number one. Young families flock here for the close-together homes (for easy play dates), along with a few small playgrounds and many fenced-in backyards to keep those little ones from chasing that ball into the road. Third Ward has a bit more of a mixed dynamic. With its close proximity to UWEC campus and downtown, it attracts boisterous temporary residents, but with the beautiful historic homes it’s also home to educated retirees. The Westside has the convenience of sheer size and proximity to Clairemont to help its popularity, but within the large area are nooks of neat little subdivisions, quirky and unique homes from all eras, and vast mixes of residents. — AD

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