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Best Thing

1st Place: Phoenix Park

2nd Place: Green Bay Packers

3rd Place: Volume One ... duh!

We purposely made this category open and random, perhaps hoping to see creative nominees like “Paul Bunyan’s Fiberglass Beard,” “the giant gear outside Banbury,” “the Gum Tree,” and “The Clap Rule at the Seahorse.” But we should have known the wide popularity of Phoenix Park would take the cake. And how could it not? With its weaving bike trails, plentiful plants and flowers, the river for fishing and tubing access, and those glorious bathrooms. Hands down greatness. Our beloved Packers came in a close second (a Super Bowl victory will do that). And in third is — well, shucks, guys! You like us? You really like us! Awww. That’s so sweet. We think you’re awesome, too. — AD

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