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Best Neighborhood For Trick-or-treating

1st Place: Eastside Hill

2nd Place: Third Ward

3rd Place: Princeton Valley

We have to say, area kids just impress the heck out of us. When it comes to trick-or-treating, they are clearly not focused on the volume or variety of candy offered. The first place choice, East Hill, clearly reflects a value of unique mixes of different periods of working class home construction. Second place’s Third Ward clearly indicates a value of mature trees and local history, and third place Princeton Valley, with its bounty of intense hills, shows a strong commitment to fitness and a calorie-neutral trick-or-treating experience. Note: There is a small chance that East Hill’s candy density (small homes mean more stops), the Third Ward’s historic pride (strong neighborhood attachment equals generosity), and Princeton Valley’s average property value (big houses equals big candy) affected these choices. — ER

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