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Best Public Restroom

1st Place: The new Phoenix Park one

2nd Place: Phoenix Park Trailhead

3rd Place: Downtown Cinema

Let’s be frank, everyone has to use the bathroom. But if you’re like most people, you avoid using a public one at all costs. However, when the rare occasion arises that a public restroom is pristine, comfy, and private, you’re golden. First in mind is the recently constructed one in Phoenix Park, located next to the Farmers Market Pavilion. Its newness definitely has a certain appeal, as well as its proximity to the site of several popular events. Second is filled by another Phoenix Park bathroom, the one at the trailhead of the Chippewa River Trail by RCU. It’s also a clean, enclosed facility that provides a necessary service for trail users, tubers, etc. Covered in pink and furnished with vintage seating is our third place finisher, the basement bathrooms of the Downtown Cinema. The unique look that matches the décor of the entire theater may sound a little weird for a bathroom, but trust me, it’s awesome. — EA

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